just dessert

Pinterest is not for me. I don’t have a board and if I did, I know in my heart that I’d never live up to the recipes and creative things I saw on the internet. That didn’t keep us (read: me) from feeling like there was some pressure to make sure we told our friends and family that we were pregnant in a creative way.

Etsy saved us. We purchased a plate that said, “grandparents est. 2017” for Tucker’s parents and mugs for my family upgrading everyone to aunt or uncle or grandparents again.

Under the weak guise of a late birthday dinner, Tucker’s parents and grandmother came over for the last meal at our old house. We carefully arranged cookies on the plate so it covered the “grandparents” with just enough dessert so if everyone took one, the plate would be empty and declare our news. Dinner was served. A glass of wine was filled for me and I fake drank throughout the meal to throw off any early suspicion. Dessert was served, the plate was emptied and…


Turns out people don’t really read the plate that their food is served on very often. Oops. Tucker finally pointed out to his mother that we had gotten them one final gift.

“WHAT. Are you serious?”

It would have been a pretty cruel joke. The fake drinking wine totally paid off.

We walked up from the basement at my sister’s house on Thanksgiving morning bearing gifts and news for my family. My mom and sister dug into their gifts.

“Oh! I needed a new cup!”

We had not learned that people don’t actually read things that they are given to eat or drink out of. *sigh*

“Sista, does this mean what I think it means?”

Mario caught on and hastily opened his gift. Hugging, tears, and smiles ensued. Well, with one exception. After all the questions and the “are you serious”‘s were out of the way, I looked at my dad who was still waiting to be told he could open his present. He was just as excited… just 5 minutes after everyone else.

Just a week prior, Meg and Dave had announced their own pregnancy in our pre-meal prayer. Sam and Tim had already taken the “let’s all toast and I’ll share something awesome with you while I do it.” So we went with what we know, dessert.

I tried a new pumpkin muffin recipe with cream cheese frosting and added baby bottles. Tucker handed them out to our friends. One for Baby Claire (who was already present with us), one for Baby Thomson (who had been announced the previous week), and one for Baby Huey.

Two weeks in a row of big announcements and now THREE babies would invade our small group. Lindsey said it well, “We aren’t just a couples group anymore. Now we’re a family group.”

And just like that, Baby Huey already has life-long friends and guaranteed “my parents’ crazy friends” who will show up at birthday parties and weddings for the rest of Baby’s life.


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