Tuck had to leave early this morning. The sort of early that is exactly the right time to not be able to go back to sleep before I need to leave, so I'm listening to the little girl make her noises while the cat gets some quality pets.  Two nights in a row of pretty... Continue Reading →



We're 16 days in to parenting. Whoa. Everyone who sees our girl (well they all think she's a boy) calls her "so fresh" which is hardly how we feel with our sleep in 2 hour increments.   But I don't want up forget the sweet moments - watching her little eyes wake up for the... Continue Reading →


Because Everly was born via C-section, we needed to stay in the hospital for 48 hours standard, instead of just 24. And because she was born late on Tuesday evening, we wouldn't be released until Friday morning. Nurses went in and out - checking things less and less frequently as I went from almost totally... Continue Reading →

she’s here

This morning, I cleaned off the last bits of stickiness from my c-section band-aid. It's been a whirlwind of just over a week and nothing has been as we expected or planned. At 10:45am on May 2nd, Tuck and I went for our normal scheduled appointment to hear baby's heartbeat and get measured. One of... Continue Reading →


That phrase, "when it rains, it pours" is one of my least favorite phrases. I think because it's true. At least in my world. This week started with unwarranted confrontation, then releasing someone who was so beloved and someone who was... less beloved, then an emergency call from an 11-year old who's dad is in... Continue Reading →

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