Tuck had to leave early this morning. The sort of early that is exactly the right time to not be able to go back to sleep before I need to leave, so I’m listening to the little girl make her noises while the cat gets some quality pets. 

Two nights in a row of pretty good overnight feedings and two solid chunks of sleep, but still, I’m discouraged. Her habits change so fast that working last week was easy, but I’m not sure this week will be that way. 

It all feels so out of control. Planning and timing has to be perfect and it never really is. AND she’s really a good, mellow baby. 

I suppose that’s how parents feel for their kid’s whole lives – not in control. I guess I thought that feeling wouldn’t kick in until later. So  I’ll just keep praying during her 5am feeding for strength to trust that God hasn’t lost control, even if we have.


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