My mom keeps asking me if I'm writing things down. This is so I can say, "yes" without lying. First smile happened right around 5 weeks - I remember because the internet has just told me it was supposed to happen so I was excited that it did.  Everly rolled over a week ago... About... Continue Reading →



Today I found out something so sad that I burst into tears in my car. Some of our dearest friends - visited in the hospital the night after Everly was born sort of good - just told us they're moving from a mile down the street to the Midwest.  It's all good things - better... Continue Reading →


Yesterday we sat under clear skies and celebrated one of our friends marry the man perfectly suited for her. Both dads gave beautiful speeches remembering the day their kids were born and shared how thankful they were that their kids found each other.  The father-daughter dance was the same one that everyone uses - the... Continue Reading →


Little Girl,  Today you're two months old. Today, we also packed you and all your junk up for the first time to dog sit for two weeks. I wrestled your pack and play/bed to the ground and back up again. You woke up for the first time at church. Your dad helped you stand up... Continue Reading →


We're house sitting for two weeks starting tomorrow and I really wanted to clean the house so we come home to an orderly, clean house. Instead, I'm sitting in our chair in our room with a pile of clean laundry and random stuff all over our bed watching Everly and Tucker sleep.  And enjoying every... Continue Reading →

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