I found this photo today from when Everly was just 4 days old. We're less than a week from her being 4 months old now and today, she looks like this: I can hardly believe that she'll be 4 or 14 someday. This morning she bonked her head (okay, I bonked her head) and she... Continue Reading →



Everly,  You are such a sweet little baby. Today you were so fussy all afternoon, but right now we're listening to Spotify while you eat and I'm thinking about the last week of your life.  We went to camp - a 6 hour car ride away - 5 days of crazy, loud, no routine days.... Continue Reading →

weird places I fed you

We did it. We survived a week of camp with a 3 month old, our first flight, and 4th wedding all in one week and are only a little worse for the wear.  Camp meant no feeding room and relatively little privacy so I thought this would be a humorous little list.  Here are places... Continue Reading →


Little girl,  Your second month was a big one. You hold up your head and roll over. You want to crawl so badly! You still have all your hair and have grown out of almost all of your newborn things. You had your first little virus and your mom felt like a mama bear for... Continue Reading →

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