On a typical morning, Everly gets up at 7am, we hang out upstairs for an hour or so, then head downstairs for breakfast at 8am before Tuck leaves just before 830. Breakfast is usually a flurry of packing lunches, making eggs, cutting fruit, and doing dishes. Tuck takes Everly to get his shoes and outside... Continue Reading →



Girl took her first serious tumble yesterday. Not an off the bed or couch fall, or a lost her balance fall, but the slow motion, couldn't stop it, trike-falling down stairs, face first into concrete fall. She worked herself up to being sick which meant we took a trip to a mountain ER. Girl had... Continue Reading →


We're two days away from the girl's first birthday (so get ready for the sap-fest). At work, we're almost literally doing the same things as last year - end of year push for seniors, food drive preparation, gearing up for summer - and it all seems surreal. Last year, one of my co-workers said that... Continue Reading →


This felt like the first weekend home in awhile and it did not disappoint. Spent some sweet time playing in bed, breakfast, and getting into everything. Little girl woke up in a sweet, giggly mood, a rarity because she is NOT a morning person. In contrast to the peace of our morning, another school shooting... Continue Reading →


Tiny bear, Your mom's job is weird. This week and most weeks, it means that mommy misses bed time at least twice a week. This week is different though - we're going to camp which brought extra late nights and this afternoon, we're leaving you with Grandmomma and Pappy until Sunday afternoon. I've been missing... Continue Reading →


Every year, December blows by faster and faster. I have an ornament from childhood that counts down into Christmas and I remember checking it multiple times during the day, agonizing about the days not passing quickly enough.  This year, I have to move the countdown clock several days at a time because I have forgotten... Continue Reading →


Whoa. Apparently 6 months is blog time. So many posts. Maybe it's because Everly is actually sleeping so I'm feeling a little less foggy these days. Tuesdays have always been my least favorite day. At camp, Tuesday doesn't have the excitement of the first day and you're not even to the halfway mark. No one... Continue Reading →

sutherland springs

This weekend a small town - not unlike the one I grew up in - and a very small church - also not unlike the one I grew up in - were shattered with senseless violence. There's blame to be placed and politics to be talked about, but tonight all I feel is sadness. I... Continue Reading →


We have upstairs toys, downstairs toys, diaper bag toys, and car seat toys (not to mention a whole host of Grandmomma and Pappy toys). And Carl. The bunny. He goes everywhere he's needed. Downstairs there is the ferris wheel thingy, the clicky spiral thing, and playmat. In the diaper bag are rings, polka dot paper,... Continue Reading →

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