That phrase, "when it rains, it pours" is one of my least favorite phrases. I think because it's true. At least in my world. This week started with unwarranted confrontation, then releasing someone who was so beloved and someone who was... less beloved, then an emergency call from an 11-year old who's dad is in... Continue Reading →


just dessert

Pinterest is not for me. I don't have a board and if I did, I know in my heart that I'd never live up to the recipes and creative things I saw on the internet. That didn't keep us (read: me) from feeling like there was some pressure to make sure we told our friends... Continue Reading →

you’ll be dad

October 7th. It was all but marked on my calendar. I couldn't, of course, mark it on the calendar because it was sort of a secret. I could have put it on the calendar with like a nonsense titleĀ or something, but I would inevitably forget what "elephant day" meant and wouldn't be quick enough to... Continue Reading →

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