Your cousins first big Memorial Day trip was a full one, little bear. You loved (almost) every second, from the airport to waving goodbye. We did the grocery store together, showed off our favorite pizza place and ice cream shop and picnicked in the park. We had lunch with Daddy, went to the tea shop... Continue Reading →



Girl took her first serious tumble yesterday. Not an off the bed or couch fall, or a lost her balance fall, but the slow motion, couldn't stop it, trike-falling down stairs, face first into concrete fall. She worked herself up to being sick which meant we took a trip to a mountain ER. Girl had... Continue Reading →

daddy’s birthday

Everly, Your daddy is the best. He has been blowing in your face since you were born, showing off your core strength for months, and doing lots of baths and bed times solo. I hope you always love your daddy. He's silly and adventurous, and he loves you so very much. He makes you eggs... Continue Reading →

twelve (alternately titled: one)

Rainy Girl, I love your two tiny (somewhat lonely) teeth. I love your long hair and putting it in pigtails or brushing it after your bath. I love your tiny features, your round cheeks, and your sweet face. I love your (very occasional) laugh and your easy smile. I love when you kick your feet... Continue Reading →


Everly, It's been a big month. You celebrated your first Easter, finally fit in 9 month clothes, and know way more than we give you credit for. We started asking if you want to "go upstairs" before bed and you happily pass by all distractions and beeline for the stairs. You know Carl, Kenneth, Maurice,... Continue Reading →


Everly Alice, I'm writing to you on a plane for your 10 month birthday. These last three months have been full of trips and late nights working after you're in bed. I left you at 230 this morning and won't get to put you to bed for another week. Working is hard. Leaving you is... Continue Reading →


Tiny bear, After you were born, the doctor told me my scar might take up to 9 months to heal. Then at your 6 month check up, they said you might be walking at 9 months. Both times, 9 months felt distant. But here we are. You're changing so fast. You pull yourself up like... Continue Reading →


Little bear,  I have loved holidays with you. Christmas was full of lights and people and trees - all your favorite things. I get a week off and got to hang out with you from Christmas to New Year's. You climbed up your new little chair, pull yourself up to stand, and have sort of... Continue Reading →


Little Bear, You are both very small and very strong. At your 6 month doctor appointment, the doctor couldn't stop exclaiming about how much you move already. We took you on a carousel and while your cousins took seats in the carts, we went for it and put you on one of the moving horses.... Continue Reading →

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