I love Sunday. For as many Sundays as we can, we don’t make plans. So if it’s beautiful, we can walk to our favorite coffee shop or ice cream place. If it’s cold, we can people watch at the grocery store or brave the chaos of the mall on the weekend.

This weekend feels like the first like that in awhile. With camps and trips, it feels like I’ve been gone or preparing to be gone or recovering from being gone since the beginning of the year. Last weekend was catch up from two weeks straight of being “on.” But this weekend came at the end of a regular week and we got much needed time together.

We made waffles and went to the park, church, library, Home Depot, and grocery store, and got a few random chores accomplished at home. Nothing special, no milestones, just sweet family time giving horseback rides around the house, eating dinner together, and carrying conversions on in the car over a screaming baby.

I love Sunday. And will collect as many like today as we can get.